Mosaic Nubians

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   Mosaic KDE Karmel

   Registration Number: N1283985
   Birth Date: 5-17-2003

   Show Record:
   Linear Appraisal:
   DHIR Record:


   Karmel at 1 and 2 1/2 years.

                    Sire's Sire: SGCH +*B Manges-Colony Beau Linus  FS 91 EEE
          Sire: *B Mosaic Echo of Illusion
                    Sire's Dam: GCH Golden Haze Moonlight Illusion *M 2X EX/EX
                    Dam's Sire: GCH ++B Fez Magic X Kansas Son
          Dam: CH Manges-Colony Kansas Dream
                    Dam's Dam: Manges-Colony Dream Girl


   Karmel is one of my Sr. Herdsires- he has daughters and many grand and great-grand daughters currently in the herd.  His pedigree combines many of my favorite animals.  Of special note 2 of his grandparents, Linus and Dream Girl, are both out of Lauren- providing a mild linebreeding on her.  Lauren was a beautiful doe.  I saw Lauren, Dream Girl, & Lauren's 1/2 sister Sable when I drove to Kansas in March 1998 to pick up Dream as a baby (she actually rode the entire 10 hour trip back to Colorado on my lap!).  I was totally impressed by the amazing size, levelness, beautiful rumps, and wonderful heads that Lauren and Dream Girl possesed.  It was in the middle of a late winter storm, but I still remember going out to milk with Maureen one fridgid, windy morning and seeing this beautiful doe jump up on the milk stand.  She was soo smooth, soo correct, and what an amazing mammary system- for a few minutes I forgot about the cold nipping at my nose and ears.  It was Sable! 
   Unfortunately a few months after I was out to visit and pick up Dream and Magic a group of dogs got into the goats in Kansas and Lauren & Sable were lost.  Therefore, I was unable to purchase any further kids from either doe.  However, I had gotten Linus as a baby (he also made the KS to CO trip riding on my lap) and figured I would cross him with Dream somewhere down the line. Karmel is a culmination of this plan.   
   Karmel combines many strong animals from the C/F, Fez, FraJac, and Faith-Farm herds.  The line crosses in his immediate pedigree have been done repeatedly with excellent results in several different combinations.  The Karmel kids have been consistant with very long bone patterns, wide chests, sharp shoulders, and strong feet.  His milking daughters have also been consistant with snuggly attached, globular udders, & small teats.  Their mammary systems tend to be smaller as 1st fresheners, but gain in capacity while maintaining excellent attachments as they mature.

   Reference Photos:

   Karmel's Dam- CH Manges-Colony Kansas Dream


   Karmel's paternal grand dam- GCH Golden Haze Moonlight Illusion *M  2X EX/EX
   3X CGS West National GCH w/ Best Udder

   Karmel's Daughter- Windflower Farm KAR Eliza pictured newly fresh at 3 years & dry at 2 years.

Mosaic Nubians - Jon Welker