Mosaic Nubians

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   Windflower Farm KAR Eliza

   Registration Number: N1327227
   Birth Date:  4-13-2004

   Show Record:

   Linear Appraisal: DRY 2 yr FS 85 VAEV  E in rear legs, back, & rump
                                  4-02 FS91 EEEE E in Head, Shoulder Assembly, Rear Legs, Back, & Rump.

   DHIR Record:


   Eliza newly fresh at 3 years and dry at 2 years.

                    Sire's Sire: *B Mosaic Echo of Illusion
          Sire: Mosaic KDE Karmel
                    Sire's Dam: Manges-Colony Kansas Dream
                    Dam's Sire:  *B Royal Cedars Candy's Elite
          Dam:  Mosaic Layla's Elita
                    Dam's Dam:  Manges-Colony Layla


   Offspring in the Herd:
Windflower Farm Elexie- daughter

   Breeding Plans:   

   Reference Photos:

   Eliza's dam "Ellie" pictured at 7 years.    

   Eliza's dam "Ellie" pictured dry at 4 years.    

   Eliza's dam "Ellie" pictured between milkings at 3 years.

   Eliza's grand dam- Manges-Colony Layla *M; 2X CH, 2X Res CH, 2 X BUOB, 1X BDIS

Mosaic Nubians - Jon Welker