Mosaic Nubians

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   *B Mosaic Echo of Illusion

   Registration Number: N1238693
   Birth Date: 5-7-2002

   Show Record:
   Linear Appraisal:  
4 yr FS 90 VEE  E in rear legs, back, & rump
   DHIR Record:


   Echo pictured as a 4 year old.

   Echo pictured at 10 months.

                    Sire's Sire: GCH +*B Regehrs Alginon's Beaujolais - 2002 Nat'l Premier Sire
          Sire: SGCH +*B Manges-Colony Beau Linus  FS 91 EEE
                    Sire's Dam: GCH Manges-Colony Pan Lauren 2*M
                    Dam's Sire: *B Faith Farm GS Orion
          Dam: GCH Golden Haze Moonlight Illusion *M 2X EX/EX
                    Dam's Dam: Golden Haze Sweet Perfection *P (Ex)


   Echo is a very special animal- he is the only kid Illusion ever had for me.  Illusion was imported from Canada in the fall of 2001 and I set up an Embryo Transfer procedure for her; in hopes of getting several kids from this exceptional doe. Unfortunately she had a uterine infection, so we did not get any embryos.  However, the procedure was good as it identified her problem and allowed me to treat her immediately.  I wasn't sure how she would do, but only a few weeks after her surgery she was back in a strong heat and bred to Linus.
   The rest of Illusion's pregnancy was uneventful until it came time for her delivery.  When starting into labor it appears that Echo ruptured Illusion's uterus.  She delivered Echo fine, but I could tell she was not right.  I immediately took her to the Colorado State University Vet School where she was admitted, underwent several surgeries & treatments, however in the end she did not make it.  It was a very sad morning when I went into the clinic for the vet to put her down.
   Echo is a buck that is bred to complement many different breed lines and styles of animals.  His pedigree connects back to many well know herds and should make him a good cross for animals of Cadillac,Conquest, and several other lineages.  The limited offspring I have seen have been very correct with strong feet and legs, good rumps, wide chests, and attractive heads.  Echo's sire Linus has proven to be a very strong sire and I believe that with parents like his Echo will prove to be an excellent sire in his own right.  

    I have Echo semen for sale- please see Semen Sales page.

   Offspring in the Herd:

Mosaic KDE Karmel- son, deceased

   Reference Photos:

   Echo's Dam- GCH Golden Haze Moonlight Illusion *M 2X EX/EX  
   3X CGS West National GCH w/ Best Udder

   Below are some of Echo's offspring:

Mosaic IMA Sequin E.T.

Mosaic SPE Sardis E.T.

Mosaic Spirit of Illusion E.T.

Mosaic SPE Savara E.T.

Mosaic SPE Salvia E.T.

Mosaic Echo's Kansas Illusion

Mosaic Echo Karina as a kid and at almost 3 years.

Mosaic Nubians - Jon Welker