Mosaic Nubians

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I started breeding Nubians in 1988.  My Herd owes much to those who came before me, as do all Dairy Goat breeders.  Nearly all the does in th herd today trace back to my main foundation doe Mosaic Layla's Elita (pictured below) and her dam, Manges-Colony Layla *M.  These two does helped set the body type and style I strive to continue in the herd today.  My two other Nubian lines connect back to the same paternal or maternal lines thru SGCH Haven-Hills BO Jasmine FS92 EEEE (via GCH Manges-Colony Pan Lauren *M) and GCH Kastdemur's Valkyrie *M (via SGCH C/F Samantha's Sable *M).

I began my Saanen journey in the mid 1990's, though did not officially breed any does under my herdname until 2012.  I helped manage and breed the CryBaby Farms Saanens for several years; with highlights being the winning of Res. National GCH & Res. Best Udder at Both the 2003 and 2004 ADGA National Shows with SGCH Washoe-Zephyr 24 Karat *M FS92 EEEE- most Saanens are related to her in one way or another (pictured below) & breeding SGCH Crybaby Farms Taj Mahal *M FS92 EEEE (who had high test day of 24.6 Lbs per USDA).  My current Saanen doe lines trace directly back to one of two ADGA National Grand Champions; either the 1991 ADGA National GCH, GCH Washoe Zephyr No Angel *M, or the 2003 ADGA National GCH & Best Udder, GCH Willow Run Ansell Smirk *M.  These does have given rise to my "A" and "S" doe lines.

Current Does in the Herd:

Senior Nubian Does-

SGCH Haven-Hills BO Jasmine Deceased 8-02 FS92 EEEE 12-02 FS91 EEEE
Jasmine passed away in 2016 at age 16 1/2. She is greatly missed!!!!

Windflower Farm KAR Eliza 4-02 FS91 EEEE
Windflower Farm Elexie 6-02 FS91 VEEE
SG Mosaic Crown Lydia 2-03 FS86 VVVV
Windflower Farm Excella 6-03 FS91 EEEE
GCH Kastdemur's Valkyrie 6-03 FS91 EEEE
Windflower Farm Excellance AKA "Wattles" 3-02 FS90 EVEE
Briar Gate Shiraz
Windflower Farm Lovie

Senior Saanen Does-
SGCH Pearl Valley Something Royal 4*M 4-04 FS91 VEEE
SGCH Ranea Auric Annika *M 4-03 FS90 VEEE 5-04 89VEEE
CH Mosaic Peso Sedona 2-04 FS89 VVEE
SG Mosaic Santos Sonya 2-01 FS83 ++V+
SG Mosaic Merecio Suzu 1-05 FS86 +EVV 10 X 1st & 1 X BUIS in '16
Mosaic Santos Saturna Dry yearling- 1 X Jr CH
Mosaic Meridian Senita Dry yearling- 2 X Jr CH & 1 X BJDIS

Junior Does- Born in 2016 (Links to ADGA Pedigree Info)
Mosaic Savant Enuet Nubian- Born Nov 2015
Mosaic Genesis Expressive Nubian
Winter Sun Sienna Nubian
Mosaic Savant Venecia Nubian
Mosaic Mr Boots Svenya Saanen- 1 X Jr CH
Mosaic Mr Boots Saka Saanen
Mosaic Mr Boots Suki Saanen

Reference Nubian Does:  
Mosaic Layla's Elita- aka "Ellie" 7-01 FS89 EEEV

GCH C/F Kansas Narmada 7*M
GCH C/F Kansas Sabra 4*M
GCH C/F Nadine 4*M
GCH C/F Nantucket 5*M
GCH C/F Nashota 6*M
GCH C/F Paloma 3*M
SGCH C/F Saki 2*M
SGCH C/F Samantha's Sable 3*M
GCH C/F Sundae's Surprise 3*M
GCH Clovertop's Nightngale 3*M
CH Dayspring IMA Believer
CH Dayspring IMA SanPanna
CH Dayspring Joy
CH Easy Stream Rosebudscrystal
GCH Faith Farm CSJ Galatia *M
GCH Faith Farm ESJ Eden *M
GCH Faith Farm ESJ Eve *M
CH Faith Farm Eden's Eliza
GCH Faith Farm Testimony of Grace 2*M
GCH Fez Desert Blazenay *M
GCH Fez Image's Reflection *P
CH Foxwood GMC Mademoiselle
GCH Full Circle Reflection Galaxy 6*M
GCH Gasconade Paradise Annie II *M
GCH Golden Haze Moonlight Illusion *M
GCH Golden Haze Sweet Marie 4*M
GCH Gowdyville's Bracken *M
Haven-Hills Shadow Dancer 1*M
Haven-Hills Selena Magic
GCH L&L Lactator's Popcorn *M
GCH Lassenwood Miller Valentine 1*M
SG Mega-Milkers Classic Sequin 2*M
GCH Mega-Milkers Mariska 2*M
GCH Mancenita Ranch Fudge Sundae 2*M
SGCH Manges-Colony Breakaway Beauty *M
GCH Manges-Colony Juliette 2*M
CH Manges-Colony Kansas Dream
GCH Manges-Colony Pan Lauren 2*M
CH Manges-Colony Sable's Supreme
Mosaic Echo Karina
Mosaic Eclipse Segovia
Mosaic NC Marissa
Mosaic SMP Marseille
Mosaic Triton Elsa
Mosaic Val Marta *M
GCH Royal Cedars Sugar Baby 2*M
GCH Royal Cedars Sugar Candy 3*M
GCH Royal Cedars Sugar Frosting 3*M
Windflower Farm Elexis
Windflower Farm Empressive  2-06 FS88 EVVV
Windflower Farm Evie 4-02 FS90 EVEE
Willow Run Santana Emilia 2*M

Reference Saanen Does:
SG Mosaic Mercio Andramada (Mercio X Annika) 2-02 FS86 +EVV
SG Mosaic Peso Andora 1-04 FS87 +EEV
SG Mosaic Rumi Aneko 
SG Ranea Auric Brioche 1-03 FS85 V+VV
Tres Amigo Al Snark Ivory 5-05 Damaged Udder FS87 +EEV

Mosaic Nubians - Jon Welker
12368 North 75th Street
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