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   Mosaic Eliza's Elanzo

   Registration Number: N1489070
   Birth Date:  4-10-2009  

   Show Record:

   Linear Appraisal:
   DHIR Record:


   Elanzo as a small kid. 

                    Sire's Sire:  *B CH Faith-Farm E H Pezuta- son of 1994 Res. Nat'l GCH F-F Eve
          Sire: Mosaic KDP EU-Gene  
                    Sire's Dam: CH Manges-Colony Kansas Dream
                    Dam's Sire:  Mosaic KDE Karmel
          Dam:  Windflower Farm KAR Eliza
                    Dam's Dam:   Mosaic Layla's Elita


Elanzo is the result of a special AI breeding of Eliza (a Dream grand daughter) to EU-Gene (a Dream son).  This breeding was done to produce a buck who will hopefully carry the genetics for Dream's extremely correct mammary system.  Dream is one of the only Nubian does I personally know of who has appraised with scores OVER 40 in Fore Udder Attachment, Rear Udder Height, and Rear Udder Arch on the same appraisal!!!  She was scored with rear udder heights 47 & 43 and rear udder arch 40 & 42 on her last two appraisals.  Dream was such a special doe; though she is now gone she still holds a special place in the herd and continues to exhibit her influence through her many decendants.

The combination of Dream (via her son Karmel) with Ellie is what produced Eliza.  Eliza is very correct, large doe scoring 43 in stature when appraised as a 4 year old.  She earned a Final Score of EX 91 EEEE with Excellent scores in the structural catagories of Head, Shoulder Assembly, Rear Legs, Back, and Rump.  Elanzo should be an excellent cross back onto the other Ellie offspring in the herd.  With the *B Faith-Farm EH Pezuta behind EU-Gene this will also give a mild connection to the Mosaic SMP Marseille offspring in the herd (as Marseille was sired by Pezuta).     

  Offspring in the Herd:

   Reference Photos:

   Elanzo's Dam- Eliza
newly fresh at 3 years & dry at 2 years.

Elanzo's grand dam / great-grand dam - CH Manges-Colony Kansas Dream (side picture at 8 years).


Elanzo's maternal grand dam "Ellie" pictured at 7 years.

Elanzo's great grand dam- Manges-Colony Layla *M; 2X CH, 2X Res CH, 2 X BUOB, 1X BDIS

Mosaic Nubians - Jon Welker