Mosaic Nubians

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   GCH Mega-Milkers Mariska 2*M

   Registration Number: N1334298
   Birth Date: 2-15-2005

   Show Record: 6X RGCH, 4X GCH, 4X BOB, 3X BU, 2X BDIS

   Linear Appraisal: 3-04 FS91 VEEE
   DHIR Record:



at 3 years. Click Picture to see Full-Size.       

                    Sire's Sire: ++*B Linkville Royal Tradition- Royal Majesty X Silver Seranade
          Sire: +B Desert Caper Classic Tradition
                    Sire's Dam: GCH Desert Caper CC's Crista 4*M- Choctaw Chief daughter
     GCH Mega-Milkers Mariska 2*M
                    Dam's Sire:  GCH ++*B C/F Nikkitan FS 92- son of GCH C/F Nashota
          Dam: Manges-Colony Layla 1*M
                    Dam's Dam:  Manges-Colony Leslie- daughter of Shady Lawn Pretty Lady *M FS 90

I can not thank Karen Butler and the entire Butler Family of Mega-Milkers in Carpenter, WY enough for allowing me to lease Mariska for a very special breeding this fall.  Mariska is a beautiful doe who has proven herself in the show ring, in linear appraisal, and as a producer of high quality offspring.  I am especially excited as Mariska is a maternal 1/2 sister to Ellie; who has proven to be one of my best brood does.  Both does are out of Manges-Colony Layla.  I had Layla for her 1st three kiddings, then she was leased to the Butlers when I went away for school in 2002.  I look forward to combining the genetics of Ellie, who was Layla's first daughter, with Mariska, who was Layla's last daughter.

After much deliberation I have decided to breed Mariska to ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador for 2010.  I believe this will be an excellent breeding which will combine the strengths from both sides of this pedigree & produce offspring that will blend well with the lines already in the herd.

   Offspring in the Herd:

   Breeding Plans:  
is bred to ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador for 2010.  
This breeding produced *B Mosaic
Crown Lyon and Mosaic Crown Lydia.

   Reference Photos:

   Mariska's dam: Manges-Colony Layla *M; 2X CH, 2X Res CH, 2 X BUOB, 1X BDIS


   Sr. Get of Sire for +B Desert-Caper Classic Tradtion (does left to right):
   GCH Mega-
Milkers Classic Sonatina 1*M  4-03 FS91 EEEE 3X BOB & 2XBDIS
   GCH Mega-Milkers Mariska 2*M  3-04 FS91 VEEE 4X BOB & 2XBDIS
   SG Mega-Milkers Classic Sequin 3*M (3/4 sister to Mariska)  2XGCH

   Mariska's yearling daughter: Mega-Milker's Uptown Girl.  Click on picture for full-size.


   Mariska's maternal 1/2 sister "Ellie" 
pictured at Linear Appraisal in June 2008, at 7 years.        
Mariska's maternal 1/2 sister "Ellie" newly fresh as an 8 year old in January 2009.  

   Leslie's maternal 1/2 sister- GCH Manges-Colony Pan Lauren 2*M

   Leslie's maternal 1/2 sister- GCH Manges-Colony Juliette 2*M

Mosaic Nubians - Jon Welker